About Us

FRENVYRN is a conscious jewelry brand for men and women founded by a pet lover for pet lovers.

We are born out of the desire to wear fun pet themed/animal inspired jewelry that is premium quality and durable. We wanted something that goes beyond cute fashion jewelry, so we created sophisticated jewelry that is made to last and you can wear everyday.

Our mission is to provide the best sustainably and ethically made jewelry for men and women while helping improve pet/animal lives and taking care of our planet.

We care about you

We are proud to offer you exceptional sustainably and ethically made jewelry. Our jewelry is durable and made of the finest materials so that you can wear them everyday and for all occasions.

Our jewelry is hypoallergenic. We only use sterling silver as our base metal and plate with a thick layer of 18k gold. Our jewelry is finished with a thin coat of protective top layer to help resist tarnish.

You can be certain you are getting jewelry of superior quality because you deserve excellence.

We care about people

Our jewelry is ethically made. We made sure to partner with a manufacturer who is audited and certified by the world's leading business and supply chain auditing company to help protect workers from the following:

  • low pay
  • overwork
  • forced labor
  • discrimination
  • unsafe conditions

Craftsmen and staff are paid with livable wages, and work in a safe working environment. They are treated like family in the workplace. They get a lunch break and two tea breaks, are provided with health insurance for themselves and their families, and have access to an emergency fund.

You can rest assured that our jewelry is made in compliance with labor, business ethics, and health and safety standards.

We care about pets/animals

We are pet lovers and pets are family. We are passionate about helping pets in need, and advocating for better animal treatment and welfare around the world.

We are proud to be founded and based in Austin, Texas the largest and longest running no kill city in the country.

We will donate 5% of our profits to pet and animal rescue charities.

We care about our planet

We understand that there is no planet B. This planet is the only home we have. That’s why we make sure we are being good stewards of our planet from our jewelry making process to our materials, packaging and shipping.

Our jewelry is made in a certified green factory built with materials that are recycled, sustainable and locally sourced. The facility is designed to be both energy efficient and environmentally responsible by consuming less energy and water; using renewable energy generated by solar panels; reducing, reusing, and recycling waste; and treating wastewater on-site to make it safe for release to the environment while also reducing carbon footprint.

Our jewelry is sustainably made with recycled and responsibly sourced metals and materials. Our sterling silver jewelry is made with certified recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced silver chains and findings; while our 18k gold vermeil jewelry is made with certified recycled sterling silver and ethically sourced silver chains and findings, and plated with a thick layer of certified recycled 18k gold. Gemstones and other materials used in our jewelry are from reputable suppliers who are well-vetted and practice sustainable sourcing. 

Our packaging is eco-friendly. Not only will our jewelry boxes keep your jewelry bright and tarnish-free, they are also made from FSC-certified cardboard and can be recycled. The mailing envelopes, boxes and tissue paper we use for shipping are also FSC-certified and recyclable. The foam inserts in our jewelry boxes are made from a by-product of paper production. Our jewelry pouches and ribbons are made from recycled plastic.

We ship all orders carbon-neutral. Learn more about our climate commitment.

People, pets and our planet. We don't compromise because we care about YOU. Wear FRENVYRN.